Live music (percussion and electroacustic) composed as an accompaniment to the projection of a mixed, realtime, audioreactive synthesis between Absolute Cinema films from the 1920’s and current images.

June 2021.

Autoengaño n1

Live drums, reactive electronics to prerecorded audiovisual painting process.

May 2019.

The Black Series by Peter Ablinger  (


A site-specific electroacoustic, audiovisual and live ceramic performance, exploring the visual and sonic possibilities of the ceramic world. Produced by Guillermo Martín-Viana

March 2023

Quarantune 12 – Alexandria

Base music by Antonio Mariano Moreno Glazkov Drums, percussion, spoken voice and visuals by Guillermo Martín Viana Text by Lawrence Durrell in “Justine” (The Alexandria Quartet) Visuals made with TouchDesigner.

Guille’s Calm – Alba Careta Quintet (Live at La Pedrera, Barcelona 2018)

Juan Luis Montoro Santos Miles away study (Royal Conservatoire The Hague 27 January 2018)

ESLAVÓN – Antihumanidad (Official music video)